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The NHS London Commercial Hub provides commercial services to London Integrated Care Boards including South East London, South West London, North East London and North Central London, as well as the NHS England regional team. The Hub offers specialist expertise, advice, project management and training in NHS commercial functions including contracting, procurement and e-procurement.

The Procurement team were initially formed in 2012 as part of NEL CSU. The Professional Contracting support service was formed in 2018 and the two teams merged to form the Hub in 2020. Following the closure of NEL CSU in 2022, the Hub transferred to be hosted by North East London ICB.

The Hub team has a long standing track record of delivery and are renowned for being the subject matter experts in their respective fields.

Services we provide include:


We provide subject matter expert contracting support, advice and guidance.

We run a number of events including a Weekly Contract Advisory Group (CAG) session which brings together colleagues from across London to provide updates on all contracting related matters and sharing best practice. Monthly Lunch and Learn sessions with guest speakers on a range of topics to inform and support colleagues working in healthcare management. Weekly contract support drop-in clinics aimed at all contracting colleagues who require advice and/or support on general or specific contracting queries and a range of Contracting Training Programmes and Events, including the Introduction to NHS Standard Contract Training Programme.

We also offer contract drafting support, including advice and review of documentation, policy and Guidance updates and advice and consultation support and advice. We encourage collaboration and operate with a once for London focused approach, ensuring ICBs have access to the same updates, information, advice and support.


We are responsible for providing procurement support and management.

Our specialised procurement team provides expert procurement advice, tailored procurement recommendations, end to end procurement project management and risk management for clinical and non-clinical services. We confidently manage the due diligence process and conflict of interests on behalf of our ICB and NHSE partners. We provide high quality and compliant procurement documentation such as Contract Notices (both Contract Finder and Find a Tender Service), Invitation to Tender, Request for Quotation, Bid Response Document, example evaluation criteria, Contract Award Notification Letters, Evaluators Guidance and Contract Award Recommendation Report.

We are committed to working collaboratively with partners to help ensure commissioning needs are met through an appropriate and proportionate procurement process in compliance with relevant Regulations and partners’ internal governance processes.


We offer Electronic Procurement, known as e-Procurement, this is the process where we offer eRequisition ordering and Purchase Order of goods and services online by using NHS Shared Business Services (Oracle, SBS). Oracle SBS system is an innovative Finance Accounting and eProcurement system, which connects suppliers and customers. This system delivers operational efficiencies, quality and real cost savings to our funding partners.

We also offer eProcurement training, known as the end to end Purchase to Pay process (P2P) training function. This begins with eRequisition, Purchase Order and ends with payment. This training also highlights the benefits of using the Purchase to Pay process and ways in which it improve efficiency and financial controls to our clients. You will learn the principles and fundamentals of eProcurement, understanding the requirements needed to obtain a Purchase Order.

We also provide eCataloguing management and provide advice and support to all our funding partners.

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